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Preschool Playground

The world is beginning to get back to normal, and we are planning for a major project here at the preschool. It has been a dream of ours to replace the play structure. Our current playset has been in use for about 28 years. The school has diligently maintained it and made improvements and repairs. The time has come that it needs to be replaced. Over the years, our students have logged thousands of hours of outdoor play on it. It is essential to provide a safe place for our children to play and a place where they can develop their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. 
As you can imagine, the play structure of this size is very expensive. It is important for us to use materials that will last another 25 plus years in the Florida sun and rain. For almost two years, the school has been working on raising the funds that are needed for this project. We have received grants and private donations, and are close to meeting our goal. 
Are you able to donate to the school to help make this dream a reality? As you know, Mount Dora Christian Academy is a non-profit organization. Any donation you make is tax-deductible. 
Our goal is to begin this project in July so it will be ready for the first day of school, August 10th. The kids will be even more excited about going back to school when they get to play on the new structure.